Kristin Grün

Marietheres Jesse

Sarah Kramer

Christopher Deutsch

WESTWIND 2016 documentation & reflection

The WESTWIND blog team consists of Kristin Grün, Sarah Kramer and Marietheres Jesse.

Kristin Grün earned her degree in cultural studies & aesthetic practice with a concentration in theatre at the University of Hildesheim. Parallel to her studies, she worked in the management team of the international theatre and performance art festival transeuropa2012 and organised the children `s festival of the Blantyre Arts Festival Malawi. As a recipient of the NRW young talents grant, she worked at Theater Marabu Bonn; additionally, she has worked at institutions such as Fundustheater Hamburg and Theater Strahl Berlin. Kristin is a founding member of the group Klub Kirschrot, with which she has thus far realised 2 theatre productions for children.

Marietheres Jesse works in independent theatre and performance art projects; most recently, she collaborated on "Club der Dickköpfe & Besserwisser" ("Club of Pigheaded People & Know-It-Alls") with Klub Kirschrot and "LANDSCHAFT mit CHICKS" ("LANDSCAPE with CHICKS") with Pargätzi/Jesse/Kallenbach/Senne. Her further jobs and collaborations include serving in the theatre education department of Schauspiel Hannover, working at Kampnagel Hamburg and currently being involved in the project "Der Klassentausch" ("Class Swap") at Fundustheater Hamburg. She earned her degree in cultural studies & aesthetic practice (theatre) at the University of Hildesheim in 2015.

Sarah Kramer has worked in theatre education at Theater an der Parkaue since the 2015/16 season. She earned her degree from the Institute for Theatre Education (Osnabrück UAS). In 2014, she was a Next Generation scholarship holder at the WESTWIND Festival in Essen as well as a grant winner at the festival AUGENBLICK MAL! in Berlin. She developed the Westwind blog in 2015. This work was funded by the NRW young talents grant in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw. Sarah belongs to the theatre collective Klub Kirschrot.

Their blog entries will be complemented by guest posts from the members of the Next Generation Forum, the Club of the Willing and the students of the Institute for Theatre Education in Lingen, a campus of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of research associate David Gruschka.

Christopher Deutsch is a long-time member of the Herne children `s and youth circus project "Circus Schnick Schnack", where he serves as a trainer and choreographer. With his eye for good pictures and shots, he will document WESTWIND 2016 as a photographer and videographer. Since 2013, he has developed various film projects, event projections and video documentaries in NRW and beyond as a part of the creative collective "Yellow Count Production".