schauspielhaus bochum


Dienstag, 26. April,
15.00 Uhr & 18.00 Uhr

von Theo Fransz
Regie: Martina van Boxen
Komponist: Manuel Loos
Ausstattung: Michael Habelitz
Dramaturgie: Tobias Diekmann
Schauspiel: Tim-Fabian Hoffmann, Manuel Loos
Aufführungsrechte: Theaterstückverlag ? Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer, München

Dauer: 60 Minuten, ab 12 Jahren
Spielort: Flottmann-Hallen, Theatersaal, Straße des Bohrhammers 5, 44625 Herne

Co wakes up and everything is different. Hair and pimples have popped up everywhere. It is almost as if his body does not belong to him anymore now that puberty has hit him like a storm. Co goes through hell and is overwhelmed by all the impressions of growing up. And to top it all off, he meets the love of his life, who robs him of all his senses... A modern road movie that, with its straightforward language and deliberate exaggerations, takes an equally ruthless and humorous look at the world of puberty.

"The director maintains the balance between overwrought excitement and internal reflection without ever jeopardising the serious tone. Rightfully so, since puberty is no laughing matter. But the way it is dealt with here makes it a theatrical delight."
WAZ, 07.12.2015