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The kick-off of WESTWIND!

A press conference on 19.1. marked the launch of the outreach programme directed at children and teens.

The programme aims to provide examination and exchange opportunities between artists and audiences at eye level. A focus is placed on discussion of the themes and questions posed by the invited productions.
The key question in this discussion: How does the target group (i.e. young audiences) feel about the topics addressed in the productions? What questions do they have? How are the various reactions to these topics similar and how are they different?

Outreach formats include:

The audience jury
The patron groups
The Club of the Willing

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westwind blog

WESTWIND 2015 is over - but the festival blog is still going strong!

And it gives a taste of WESTWIND 2016...

Stop by, leave a comment, have some fun!

westwind 2016

WESTWIND ranks among the most renowned theatre festivals for young audiences nationwide. It is hosted by a different theatre in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia each year. In addition to presenting a selection of productions from NRW, it features international guest productions and an extensive programme of additional events full of workshops, discussion rounds and talks.

The 2016 edition is hosted by Consol Theater in Gelsenkirchen in cooperation with theaterkohlenpott in Herne. Christina Kampmann, Minister of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia; Dr Frank Dudda, Mayor of the city of Herne; and Frank Baranowski, Mayor of the city of Gelsenkirchen, have assumed patronage of the 2016 festival.

the nrw competition

The selection committee consists of: Andrea Kramer (Consol Theater artistic direction); Christian Schönfelder (dramaturge at Junges Ensemble Stuttgart and co-artistic director of the international festival Schöne Aussicht/Bright View); Hans Dreher (director and member of the artist direction of the theatre ROTTSTR 5 in Bochum).

The application deadline was on 31.10.2015. With a total of 47 applications received from throughout NRW, WESTWIND 2016 once again set a new record!

The competition productions were announced at a press conference on 24.2. We look forward to presenting this exciting selection of NRW plays in Herne and Gelsenkirchen, and cordially invite you to browse our homepage...!

coffee talk with the selection committee

Sunday, 24. April,
15.30 Flottmann Bar

Hans, Christian and Andrea invite visitors to join them for a pot of coffee and a piece of dry cake. And enquiring minds are welcome to ask the committee questions about their work, what they experienced on their journey through the NRW scene and their selection criteria. An open invite to a conversation on the assessment and selection process.